Oregon Drunk Driving Laws Are Complex

A DUII Is Not Something You Want To Defend On Your Own

In Oregon, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or above- or to drive when your capacity to drive is impaired by drugs or alcohol. If you are arrested and charged with drunk driving — in Oregon, it is referred to as driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) — the state laws are complex and the penalties are severe.

There may have been a time when an individual who faced a drunk driving charge could navigate through the judicial system without legal counsel, but that era has long since passed. Even a first-time offender faces possible jail time, driver's license suspension, significant fines and additional costs, such as mandatory drug and alcohol addiction classes and increased auto insurance rates.

The smart decision is to enlist the services of an experienced DUII lawyer as soon as possible following your arrest. The Law Offices of Dean C. Werst in West Linn represents individuals throughout Greater Portland who face drunk driving or related criminal charges.

The blood alcohol content limit for operators of a commercial vehicle is .04 percent. If you fail a breath or blood test or refuse to take a test, your commercial driver's license will be suspended and your livelihood will be on the line. Call 503-342-2389 to schedule a consultation so we can help save your career.

We Work To Minimize The Impact Of A Drunk Driving Charge

Criminal defense attorney David Mitchell has comprehensive knowledge of Oregon's DUII laws. He understands how to investigate a drunk driving arrest and develop a legal strategy that will minimize the impact of a DUII charge on your life.

It may make sense to challenge the validity of the police stop or the accuracy of a breath or blood test. In other cases, it may be wiser to pursue a reduced charge or see if you are eligible for a diversion program - successful completion of diversion would result in the dismissal of the DUI charge.

Your Case Will Get Our Careful Review

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